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Illinois is known for fostering solid and innovative services supporting public libraries. Strong libraries need collections, programming, access to technology, community engagement, and funding to succeed in the 21st century. To move from surviving to thriving, a public library requires a cohesive board aware of its legal and financial responsibilities, industry best practices, and how to work effectively with the library’s director. Crucially, a trustee, whether elected or appointed, must be able to put the needs of the library and the best interests of the whole community over their own.

The approximately 4,800 trustees in Illinois often assume their new roles without consistent training or a complete understanding of their legal requirements and duties. We created an easily accessible, ever-available, interactive online portal for trustee development that will provide consistent information, instruction, and guidance. This one-stop, in-depth, multi-layered resource will eliminate barriers while expanding the improved capabilities of individuals and boards, resulting in better library governance across the state.


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Effective February 1, 2024

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