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Library Trustees

You may be surprised to learn how much library trustees must do and learn to help their public libraries remain the vital centers of their communities. Whether appointed or elected, trustees represent people residing within their library’s service area in a collective, nonpartisan capacity. Together on the library board, these government officials serve their libraries in several important ways: Effective boards work closely with their library directors to oversee the library’s budget, plan strategically, create library policy, advocate for the library, follow the law, and serve the needs of all members of their community regardless of personal viewpoints.

Trustees are vital to carrying out their library’s mission. They are the ones making sure the community’s needs are being met. Therefore, they must be equipped with the tools and knowledge to be effective. iLEAD – leadership, empowerment, accessibility, and development for Public Library Trustees is a new online learning portal developed for Illinois Public Library Trustees. This project is grant-funded by the Illinois State Library and developed by the Illinois Heartland Library System (IHLS), with subject matter experts throughout the state contributing and advising. This online learning portal provides IPL trustees with the knowledge, requirements, and resources they need to be influential library leaders.




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